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Bring a sense of both surprise and tradition to your shop with authentic Bohemian Crystal. Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, we combine European crystalware heritage with innovation. Classic, hand‑decorated crystal on the one hand, our award‑winning glass nail files on the other.


Interior Crystal Glass

Bohemian Crystal transforms everyday activities into a feast for the senses—delight and intrigue your customers with a hint of rare beauty. Our whisky decanter is a stylish addition to any conference table, our crystal bowls, trays and glasses bring a sense of tasteful luxury to dining tables. Our signature crystal washbasins and accessories make any washroom into a lustrous design heaven, and our multicolored LEC lamps bring a spark and heightened mood to any space.

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Original Glass Nail and Foot Files

The world’s first glass nail file, ideal for both home and professional use, provides exceptional abrasion with minimal wear and tear on the surface. Designed for up to 10 000 hours of use, Blazek Glass files will perform for a lifetime. Choose a natural file for branding purposes, colored or a Swarovski‑components embellished. For the highest standards in hygiene, add our signature Antibacif coating.

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Words of Our Customer

I have had the pleasure of working with Blazek Glass for over 10 years with various organizations.

Recently, we have worked with Lenka and her team on two key projects, one developing a range of crystal stemware and tableware for the US College market and another developing a custom crystal program for the American market. They are creative, innovative and responsive. They understood our design aesthetic and implemented it as we had envisioned. The end product was superb.

Love working with them,

Robin J Fennell
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