Our 3rd Time at NYNOW Manhattan Trade Show

NYNOW 2017 Crystal Glasses Collection

This is going to be our third time at the Show – cannot wait to sense the buzz again, the thrill of meeting all the new people, the vibe of inspiration.

The first year was, well, special – we had no idea. We were overwhelmed by all the forms to be filled in, such as „Helium balloon request form“, „Wastebasket request form“, confused by „Plumbing order form“ and panicked by „Fire department rules & regulations“. Second year was easier, also being helped by Czech Trade, governmental organization that was founded for the purpose of helping Czech businesses to be established abroad. And now it feels like returning to a well-known space, looking forward to meeting people we got to know and whose help and assistance we value so much, like Marc, Marc Delman who is responsible for the Tabletop section. It seems that he is at work all the time, he sends e-mails at the most impossible parts of the day and always tells you exactly what you need to know.

This year we are bringing some new products – inspired by the Bohemian textile tradition of so called „Blueprint“ which we transformed into colorful and geometric glass decorations we will present some ideas for wine serving and inspire you with lustrous crystal gifts for special occasions or company events.

Should you be interested, take a look at our page dedicated to the NYNOW trade show or download the Blazek Glass NYNOW 2017 crystal catalog.

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    Original Class Nail Files

    Our original, patented glass files are suitable for both personal and professional use. Choose a natural file for branding purposes, colored or a Swarovski-components embellished one.

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    Interial Crystal

    Classical cut-crystal glasses and trays will add an aristocratic feeling to any table setting.

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    Trophies and Awwards

    Topping a football match with a truly memorable prize or providing employees with a keepsake to remember a special occasion? Details are everything.

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    Crystal Crematorium Urns

    Our unique crystal urns may be kept in the bereaved family or installed at a columbarium.

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    Custom Production

    Do you have something special in mind? Let us know and our skilled designers and artists will help you materialize that idea.