Antibactif ® Glass Nail Files

Our antibacterial glass nail-files are coated with a patented Antibactif layer for ultimate hygiene. Simply exposing the treated surface to natural or artificial UV light kills 98 % of viruses and bacteria within 2 hours. This makes the files ideal for both home and professional use in beauty parlors.

The Antibactif glass nail- files are available in several sizes and styles. For options, please see the Types and Sizes article or the tab below.

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Antibactif ® Product Line Details

The essence of the photocatalytic effect of the Antibactif® active layer based on titanium dioxide is burning – oxidation – of organic allergens, carcinogens, bacteria, viruses, spores, hence all organic matter without any distinction. The Antibactif® active layer has a high porosity and in combination with the grinding area of a file or a rasp covers an enormous labyrinth-like surface which captures and decomposes all organic elements.

Usage of Antibactif ® Glass Files

When using Antibactif® files and rasps made by Blažek Glass, you namely reduce the risk of transmitting bacterial and viral diseases because the antimicrobial surface of a file or a rasp effectively destroys all microorganisms that come in any contact with it.

The Antibactif® effect is powered by the daily sunlight or a UV lamp; therefore, unlike other chemical products, it is inexhaustible and introduces no other substances to the environment as in the case of disinfectants. The photocatalytic effect (unlike chemical products) is able to tackle the issue of decomposition of dead bacteria and viruses, which the chemical products cannot achieve. Also, bacteria and viruses are unable to develop immunity against photocatalysis and Antibactif® active layer, which is an issue in the case of chemical products.

Frequantly asked questions

What is the Photocatalysis Principle?
Ultraviolet light (UV), which is a natural part of daylight, activates TiO2 nanoparticles. Once a molecule, a microscopic dust particle, virus, bacterium, spore, etc. touches activated TiO2 nanoparticles, they catalyse (trigger and accelerate) a reaction of oxidisable matter with oxygen. In this reaction e.g. organic substances are decomposed primarily to water and carbon dioxide molecules. With next dose of UV radiation, nanoparticles are immediately again activated and the process may continue virtually endlessly. In this way, also very dangerous substances – toxins/poisons, allergens as well as carcinogenic substances – are eliminated (decomposed) through photocatalysis.
Nanoparticles of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) are perfectly safe and harmless to health. People have been exposed to their influence on a mass scale for over one hundred years as they form part of the titanium white dust particles. This pigment is generally used also in manufacturing of paints, in interior as well as exterior decorating; it is added to sun lotions, and even into some foodstuffs.

For how long will the Antibactif® active layer hold out?
If there is sufficient enough source of UV light, the active layer has self-cleaning properties, it does not get clogged and keeps constant high quality as well as appearance.

Why haven’t we heard of this most gentle solution for allergic persons before?
Photocatalysis has been known for a whole century but only with the preparation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles it has gained in importance. Technology incorporation into real products has been and still is a major issue for many companies. Blažek Glass has been working on Antibactif® files and rasps development for several years in cooperation with experts from the Czech Academy of Sciences and from Japan.

What are the main features of the Antibactif® product line by Blažek Glass?

  1. Antibactif ® means 100% efficiency against viruses and bacteria as they cannot develop immunity response against the photocatalytic effect.
  2. No virus or bacterium shall survive on the Antibactif® file or rasp surface, and thus the risk of infection transmission is lowered considerably.
  3. Antibactif ® means a long-term lifespan guarantee for the active layer.
  4. Antibactif ® is not chemistry, it is purely a phenomenon of physics.
Antibacterial Glass Nail File with engraved Rose and Swarovski Crystals


Antibacterial  Glass Nail File with Hand Cut Decoration


Antibacterial  Glass Nail File with Hand Painted Yellow Flower


Antibacterial Glass Nail File with Red and Yellow Handle


Antibacterial Glass Nail File with Sandblasted Decoration


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The Curved Glass Nail File Antibactif


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