Colored Rainbow Glass Foot Files

Match our glass foot-files with your corporate colors or the store interior. Color coating of almost any shade imaginable may be applied to the handles. Simply pick one of the Pantone colors or choose from the wide range of our standard shades.

Rainbow foot-files may be purchased in several sizes and shapes. For options, please see the Types and Sizes article or the tab below.

Offer your customers our colored foot-files.

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Glass Foot Rasp with Blue Handle


Glass Foot Rasp with Blue-Yellow Handle


Glass Foot Rasp with Orange-Violet Handle


Glass Foot Rasp with Purple-Violet Handle


6.5in 2-Roughness Glass Foot File


6.5in Profiled Glass Foot File


7.87in Profiled Glass Foot File Onesided without Handle


7.87in Profiled Glass Foot File without Handle


7.87in Profiled Glass Foot File with Handle


Round Foot Rasp with Plastic Handle


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