Hand-Decorated Crystal Glass Cremation Urns

All our cinerary urns are hand-decorated by our skilled artists, which allows for customization to meet our customers’ requirements. You may choose between discrete hand-cut decoration and tasteful painting. Most of our designs are silver-plated or spray-painted on the inside to accentuate the surface decoration, also rendering the material opaque.

The larger urns are designed to be kept at the cemetery or in a columbarium. You may complement them with a set of smaller keepsake urns, which allow even extended members of the family to keep the ashes of their beloved ones close by in their home.

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Other Crystal Urns

Crystal Hand-Decorated Keepsake Urns

Keepsake Urns

Especially in the US, individual members of the family often keep the ashes of their beloved ones close by in their homes. These small keepsake urns are discretely decorated to complement any interior.

Crystal Hand-Decorated Cremation Urns for Pets

Pet Cremation Urns

In life, our four-legged companions rarely leave our side. Many pet owners feel this should not change after they’ve passed away. Our small pet cremation urns are designed to retain their memory.