Crystal Glass Vases for Home and Office

A bouquet of flowers instantly brightens any interior, be it a private dining room or a hotel lobby. Our hand-decorated crystal glass vases will turn it into a lustrous decoration. Thanks to the wide variety of shapes and sizes, our collections will complement any flower arrangement, from a single tulip to large bunches.

Enjoy the typical full-area etching of the traditional Bohemian crystal for a bit of old-fashioned grandeur or try our currently most popular Morphology Matte collection for modern room settings.

For full information on available sizes and patterns, please see the Types and Sizes tab or download our catalog. Or let us create an original piece or set just for you. Read more about our custom production.

Offer your customers our Bohemian crystal glass vases.

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Crystal Vase Autumn

Autumn design

Crystal Vase Royal

Royal design

Crystal Vase Orchidea

Orchidea design

Crystal Vase Aurorae

Aurorae design

Crystal Vase Nocturnal Sun

Norcutrnal Sun design

Crystal Vase Nostalgia

Nostalgia design

Crystal Vase Tradition

Tradition design

Crystal Vase Originality

Originality Design

Crystal Vase Morphology

Morphology design

Crystal Vase Morphology Matte

Morpohology Matte design

Crystal Vase Nostalgia Wide


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia Bud-Vase


Crystal Vase Nostalgia Bud-Vase


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


Crystal Vase Nostalgia


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