File and Shine

Glass polishing file using nanotechnology, non-toxic, suitable for all. The glass file is made of high quality nano-glass material. Even without a nail polish, your nails will be shiny.  Perfect for nail care.

2 in 1 functionality

File and Shine Glass File Your nails are not only polish. The second abrasive surface of the file, created by the chemical etching technology, perfectly shapes your nails, the polishing surface gives them a perfect shine. The result is a smoother and more elegant, charming and naturally youthful nail look. The shine of your nail will take up to 3 weeks.

Simple to use and easy to use, a lightweight, compact and comfortable cosmetic aid that you can use anywhere with its weight and size. Suitable for women, girls, men, also suitable as a gift. Ideal for various types of nails, natural nails, acrylic nails, suitable for professional and personal use.

The Blazek glass polishing file can be further decorated according to the customer's requirements.

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