Nail and Foot-Files: Types and Sizes

Our glass nail-files are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate every need. Choose the right length and width, one-sided or two-sided variants and the best shape for your purposes and add our signature Antibactif coating to any of them.


Please see the order code of each file, which contains all the specifications in the S/L/T/Q form, determining shape, length, thickness and qualities.

the S

S for Shape

  • 1 stands for a rounded shape on both sides
  • 2 stands for a pointed shape on one side and rounded on the other
  • 5 and 6 stand for manicure sticks
  • 7 stands for an abrasive plate
  • 9 stands for an oval foot rasp
  • 10 stands for a mirror
  • 16 stands for a curved file with a leading groove
the L

L for Length

  • 80 or 90 mm for travelling or handbag size
  • 140 mm for everyday nail care
  • 165 mm for robust foot files
  • 200 mm for professional nail studios and beauty salons
  • 200 and 250 mm made of profiled glass for pedicure
the T

T for Thickness

  • 2 mm for elegant, slim design
  • 3 mm, 4 mm for a sturdier feeling
  • or 6 mm for even more sturdier feeling
the Q

Q for Qualities

  • 1 - one-sided file without a grip
  • 2 - two-sided file without a grip
  • 3 - one-sided file with a grip
  • 4 - two-sided file with a grip

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Our glass files will provide a practical yet elegant promotional gift for your clients or an everlasting tool for professional cosmetic salons. Manufactured in Europe, patented in the US. Choose the original.