Gentle Reed-Modification Set for Wind Instruments

Musicians playing the clarinet, saxophone, bassoon or oboe know all too well that the wooden reed often requires minor adjustments to balance the sides or reduce warps. Our glass reed-adjustment set provides a gentler alternative to the commonly used sandpaper.

The set consists of a glass base plate and a stick with abrasive surface for easy and precise reed modification. When happy with the result, the set may be simply washed under running water and stored in the practical wooden box that protects both the parts from breakage.

The reed adjustment set may be customized for individual musicians as a personal signature item.

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Reed resurfacing plate transparent

Transparent Reed Resurfacing Plate

Reed resurfacing plate with logo

Reed Resurfacing Plate with Logo

Reed resurfacing glass stick

Reed Resurfacing Glass Stick

Reed Resurfacing Stick with Logo

Reed Resurfacing Stick with Logo

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