Crystal Glass Prizes for Soccer Matches

Call the game soccer or association football. Two halves of 45 minutes, and we have a winner! Let the victors remember the event with an original trophy. Our hand-decorated crystal glass prizes may be fully customized to your needs, just choose from the wide range of our standard designs.

Do you have something special in mind? Let us know and have an original trophy designed just for you.

Win your customers over with our soccer trophies.

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Other Trophy Categories

Crystal Vase with V-Cut

American Football

Touchdown! Super Bowl was never this shiny.

Golf Trophy with Green Base


The sport of true gentlemen deserves a truly classy finish.

Basketball Trophy with long foot


Let the trophy be the ultimate buzzer-beater.

Icehockey Trophy with Blue Base


Ice and crystal – they work perfectly together.

Sport Fishing Trophy with Net Decoration

Sport Fishing

Catch the perfect trophy for any fishing event!

Baseball Trophy Vase


Let the winner score a home-run with a respectable prize.

Tennis Trophy Net


It’ll be love-all , when they bring on the trophy!

Crystal trophy with technically pure hand-cut design

Motor Sports

Fuel up any motorsport event with a crystal-glass prize.