Terms of Use

Effective as of 23 May 2018

General provisions

The website www.blazek-glass.cz for the purposes of these terms and conditions is understood to be the website of Blažek Glass sro, with registered office at Olbrachtova 600 / II, 290 01 Poděbrady, ID 47052503. The company is registered in the Commercial Register under file number C 14696, court in Prague. The owner and operator of www.blazek-glass.cz ("the Sites") is Blažek Glass s .r.o., (Hereinafter referred to as the "Operator").

The services provided by the Site are publicly accessible. Site traffic, use of services, rights and obligations of the operator and users are governed by these Rules. Use of the Site is subject to compliance with these Terms. Consent to these rules is expressed by the user by using this portal. In the event of a breach of these Rules, the operator may apply the measures contained therein.


The Operator reserves all copyrights to the content on these Sites, including text and images, page design, technical sketches, software, graphics and other files, their selection and layout.

The content of the Site may not be altered, copied, downloaded or otherwise disseminated (hereinafter referred to as "spreading"), either separately or as part of other materials, without the prior written consent of the Service Provider. This does not apply to the dissemination of the content of these Sites to private (non-commercial) purposes, provided that such dissemination is not capable of jeopardizing the copyright of the operator. Such consent to the dissemination of the content of these Sites may be withdrawn by the Operator at any time.

User behavior

The User undertakes to comply with applicable laws and regulations in the Czech Republic, will always act in accordance with these regulations, good manners and these Rules, will not harm the good name of the operator or other users. The user undertakes not to:
• Interfere with or otherwise abuse the Security of these Portal Stands;
• Interfere with the use of these Sites by other users;
• Use Spam Spam Pages (Spam), Chain Messages;
• send messages containing viruses or any malicious or harmful programs to these Sites;
• Create fake messages to fake the identity of the sender
• attempting to gain access to the site of this portal that is excluded from the use of the public;
• to disseminate any reports or materials infringing the legislation of the Czech Republic on the Portal's website, in particular reports or materials that interfere with the rights and legitimate interests of third parties that are against human dignity, which are discriminatory in terms of religion, religion, race , sex and that promote illegal activity or violence.

Restriction of availability of services

The User acknowledges and agrees that there may be:

• poor availability of the service or its complete malfunction,
• Delivery of a message that contains viruses or other programs that can damage a computer or software used by a user,
• Not delivering a message, or receiving a damaged or incomplete message or late delivery of the message,
• Not sending a message or sending a damaged or incomplete message or sending a message late,
• deleting any data,
• changing or canceling the provision of services.

For these restrictions on availability of services, the operator is not responsible and the user will not claim damages for the services provided here.


The Operator will not provide user data ("Confidential Information") to a third party except to the extent permitted by law. This limitation does not apply to cases where the user agrees to provide them to third parties. The consent can be given in any form, for example by clicking the button. In case of termination of the registration, the operator will continue to maintain the data of the user in the system for the fulfillment of legal obligations, the protection of legitimate interests or the processing by authorized authorities in judicial or administrative proceedings under the law.

The Client hereby declares and confirms that he has been instructed by the Provider on behalf of the other companies mentioned herein before the confidentiality information is granted on the rights arising to the user from the law on the processing of personal data.

Consent to the provision of confidential information may be withdrawn by the user in writing by delivery of the withdrawal of consent to the address of the company's registered office. The user acknowledges and agrees that if the operator withdraws consent to the operator, the operator may terminate the provision of services.

Links to third party websites

Pages on this site may contain links to third-party websites. The operator is not responsible for the content of the third party websites.
In the event that third-party websites contain a link to the site of this site, in the event that these links and their content have not been previously approved in writing by the operator, the operator shall not be held responsible for such links.

Restrictions on Services Provided

The Operator has the right at any time to change the scope or content of the Site Pages or Site Stats offer, or to entrust the operation of the Portal to third parties (possibly with third parties having access to confidential user information) or to stop using the Portal, the changes shall inform the user in good time, at least three working days in advance, by providing information on changes to the site of this portal or by delivering the message to the user's e-mail address.


An operator may impose sanctions in the event that the user uses the portal in violation of the Czech legal order or good manners or violates these Rules, especially Article III of these Rules. An operator may use any of these sanctions: alert the user, immediately limit the use of the portal, or prevent the user from using the portal.

Final Provisions

The Operator is entitled to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The operator will notify changes to the website of this portal. The User agrees to change and update these Rules by continuing to use and use the services of the Service Provider.