The golf season is here!

The golf season is here! Design your own with Blažek Glass.

Spring is on and golfers are happy because spring days bring the new season. And while the sportsmen prepare their equipment, we manufacture golf trophies for the winners of the first tournaments. They are hand-cut from Bohemian lead crystal, giving victory the proper lustre. The shape and color of our trophies is customized to the particular event and only fantasy is the limit. Just add a sand-blasted text or a logo and off to the green we go.

This is the second year we create the exclusive awards for the winners of CZECH TOP 100 GOLF TROPHY. It will brighten the first tournament of the series on April 17th 2018 at Golf resort BLACK BRIDGE Prague. If you are this gentlemen’s sport fan, come see them for yourself.

Are you looking for an original trophy for your golf tournament? Choose from our catalog or have one designed just for the event. See the full range in the Trophies and Awards section.

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    Original Class Nail Files

    Our original, patented glass files are suitable for both personal and professional use. Choose a natural file for branding purposes, colored or a Swarovski-components embellished one.

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    Interial Crystal

    Classical cut-crystal glasses and trays will add an aristocratic feeling to any table setting.

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    Trophies and Awwards

    Topping a football match with a truly memorable prize or providing employees with a keepsake to remember a special occasion? Details are everything.

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    Crystal Crematorium Urns

    Our unique crystal urns may be kept in the bereaved family or installed at a columbarium.

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    Custom Production

    Do you have something special in mind? Let us know and our skilled designers and artists will help you materialize that idea.